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Soundproofer Calne Wiltshire (SN11): If you are concerned about the amount of noise that's infiltrating your Calne home, be it in a home office, bedroom, studio or living room, you ought to look into putting in some soundproofing. You may also be aware of noise from a home cinema or family room seeping out and causing a disturbance to other inhabitants. Either way, soundproofing is vital for your sanity and peace of mind.

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It's important for us to learn how sound travels and is transmitted around an area before it is possible to identify solutions to stop it from occurring.

Soundproofing Calne Wiltshire (SN11)

Sound is able to travel in only two ways:

1. Through the vibration of objects or materials.

2. By the vibration of air molecules.

Sound is also transmitted through water, but unless you are looking at soundproofing a pool or aquarium we will just concentrate on its isolation through materials and air.


If you check around the space to be soundproofed and detect ill fitting windows, gaps around doors, open ducting and even electrical sockets and light fittings, these are all causes of sound transmission. What we hear as sound is basically the vibration of air molecules reaching our ear drum. It does not matter if it's children playing, heavy machinery, traffic, aeroplanes or music playing, they all create and transmit sound in the same manner.

It is helpful to think of a room as a boat and carefully inspect it for leaks before sailing off into the sunset.


Sound waves can also be absorbed by, reflected by or transferred to solid objects and structures. Sound can be transmitted around a property from its original source through the vibration of walls, ceilings and floors. Care must be taken with solid brick or concrete walls, such as in cellars, because sound can be transmitted and sometimes even amplified to other parts of your property.

So, how can we stop this sound transference from affecting other people? Soundproofing of course.


A bare floor resonates more than one covered by a rug or carpet. Not only will such a simple and straightforward solution reduce your problem with noise, it can also spruce up the room. Curtains, and especially heavy blackout ones, can also subdue any noises from invading or escaping the area, cost-effectively and without requiring professional soundproofing.

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Look for areas in the rooms where sound can come in or escape from; doors, windows, light fittings and electrical sockets, and close off the gaps. You can find professional acoustic sealants in many building supply stores which subdue the transfer of sound by absorbing the sound waves. They may be somewhat more pricey than normal sealants or plaster, but they're more than worth it for their soundproofing efficiency.

If the room you are working on is an empty canvas and you are soundproofing as you decorate or renovate, consider installing a skin of plasterboard or soundboard, (also known as drywall, gypsum board or sheet rock). Plasterboard is a very dense material which is both economical and efficient in soundproofing an area. It's ideal if you're setting up a cinema room, study or games room in your home in Calne. It's best to hire a professional contractor near you to fit the plasterboard unless you have experience in its application.

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One final easy soundproofing solution is to check the materials your doors are made of. Hollow doors are reasonably cheap although their soundproofing qualities are a far cry from perfect. If you are able to change to solid wooden doors you'll discover that it boosts your soundproofing at minimal extra cost.


Some properties, such as those on aircraft flight-paths or next to busy roads, naturally have more sound problems and will require other ways to deal with the situation. The best solution for resolving these problems is to bring in a specialist soundproofing and acoustic contractor from the local region.

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The initial questions you will be asked are:

  1. Where is most of the noise coming from? The walls, ceiling, doors, windows or flooring.
  2. What noise or sounds are you seeking to subdue? i.e. External things like neighbours, aircraft, road noise etc, or sounds within your property from a family room or music studio.
  3. What area needs to be soundproofed? i.e. Is it a plasterboard partition room, a loft conversion, a concrete lined cellar or a brick walled room.
  4. How large is the room you wish to have soundproofed?

A specialist soundproofing firm in Calne will take into consideration all these aspects to offer solutions to your noise issues for various budgets. Solutions might vary according to the different materials needed for each of the troublesome areas within your property.


There are 2 areas that must be addressed to soundproof any room:

  1. Minimise sound amplifying and reverberation.
  2. Improve sound absorption.

A site survey will be needed to look at the elements that need improving.

Conclusions from the survey will probably include the addition of materials of different densities and masses to help increase the soundproofing properties of the space. This extra mass will include ways to enhance absorption of the sound energy through the use of acoustic foam or rubber to gain the maximum impact of sound reduction.

Soundproofing Services Calne (SN11)

Voids between floor joists might need insulating to remove the resonating gap between them. If you think about a drum for example, you're looking at a sound increasing void surrounded by a resonating material; fundamentally what you might find within ceiling and floor joists, or cavities in walls.

It is best to use combined layers of different density materials to deaden undesired noises than a single layer fabricated from one material. This is because the various different materials react in different ways with varying frequencies and will deliver a much better acoustic solution to your soundproofing exploits.

The Building Regulations (Part E) deal with the soundproofing of domestic properties, and must be followed by any installation company in Calne. This set of regulations is a legally binding requirement to protect yourself and neighbours from the negative effects of noise pollution in an area where folks work and live.

Watch out for contractors bearing the logos of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) or the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) to be certain you're dealing with a business which is fully qualified and knowledgeable in the soundproofing industry. Only those Calne companies that have been vetted and approved by these organisations for professionalism, quality and reliability are permitted to display the logo.

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Where is Soundproofing Available?

Soundproofing is available in Calne and also in nearby places like: Quemerford, Bowood, Compton Bassett, Cherhill, High Penn, Whetham, Heddington, Bremhill, Calstone, Whitley, Hillmarton, Derry Hill, Christian Malford, and in these postcodes SN11 0UD, SN11 0DZ, SN11 0JA, SN11 0FJ, SN11 0DU, SN11 7AF, SN11 0FN, SN11 0DW, SN11 0DA, and SN11 0BA. Locally based Calne soundproofing specialists will probably have the postcode SN11 and the telephone code 01249. Checking this should confirm that you're accessing locally based providers of soundproofing. Calne homeowners are able to utilise these and various other similar services. If you wish to get an estimate for soundproofing services, you can do this by simply clicking on the "Quote" banner.

Acoustic Mineral Wool

For you noise reduction needs in Calne, acoustic mineral wool (AMW) is one of the most versatile materials available for the soundproofing of homes or other buildings, and has a range of applications. When placed in the cavity spaces of floors, walls and ceilings, acoustic grade mineral wool is designed specifically to enhance acoustic performance, reduce reverberations and absorb airborne sound.

Acoustic Mineral Wool Calne

Readily available in thicknesses of 25 millimetres, 50 millimetres, 75 millimetres and 100 millimetres, AMW generally comes in 1200mm x 600mm "slabs". Often partly made from recycled raw materials (about 20%), acoustic mineral wool is non-flammable and is chemically inert. It's rare for fungi, mould or bacteria to form in AMW, and it won't have a reaction with brickwork, metal wall ties, plastics, masonry, or other materials or substances that it makes contact with.

Widely used in the building industry for its fire, acoustic and thermal insulation attributes, acoustic mineral wool is especially effective as a sound absorption infill when installed in the gaps between stud partitioning, flooring joists and suspended ceilings. In relation to separating walls and floors, and when used along with other acoustic materials, acoustic mineral wool can help in adhering to Part E of the Building Regulations.... READ MORE.

Sound Absorption Solutions Calne

For creating more comfortable and quieter spaces in Calne, sound absorption solutions are essential. By absorbing sound waves, these solutions help muffle unwanted noise and prevent it from bouncing around a room. Materials commonly used for sound absorption include acoustic panels, foam and carpets. Such materials are frequently used in homes, offices and studios in Calne to improve sound quality and reduce echoes.

Sound Absorption Solutions Calne

It is straightforward to install sound absorption solutions. To muffle noise, sound dampening acoustic panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings, and rugs and carpets can be placed on floors. Lining walls with foam panels is also a popular option, especially in home cinemas and recording studios in Calne. These techniques deliver a two-fold benefit: noise reduction and improved acoustics, creating a more pleasant environment.

Investing in sound absorption solutions improves both your comfort and health. Distraction and stress caused by excessive noise can impact productivity and well-being. A more tranquil environment that is perfect for relaxing, working, or enjoying entertainment, can be achieved by through the implementation of such solutions. Sound absorption solutions are an effective and practical choice, whether you're trying to quieten a noisy office or enhance your home audio setup. (Sound Absorption Solutions Calne)

Government Grants for Soundproofing

Soundproofing Grants Calne

Government grants have been offered for the purposes of combating sound pollution over the last few years. The Highways Agency recently offered grants for areas next to busy roads and highways where residential properties were adversely impacted by traffic noise. It is recommended to check out the Government portal on current grants and compensation schemes to see if you are eligible for any help with your soundproofing costs in Calne. (Tags: Government Grants, Calne Soundproofing Grants, Grants for Calne Soundproofing)

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing CalneIt can be a complete nightmare to reside beside a loud neighbour. Your peace and quality of life can be quickly disrupted by constant noise such as barking dogs, loud music or never-ending parties. Soundproofing is one of the ways to solve this problem. Soundproofing involves adding materials to ceilings, walls and floors to absorb or block sound. Mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic foam, and soundproof curtains are among the frequently used soundproofing materials. To eliminate external noise, you may consider adding sound insulation to your walls or selecting double glazing. Soundproofing might not always be feasible for those who are renting since it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Consequently, it's necessary to engage in a conversation with your neighbour to find a solution that works for both parties. Should you be unable to find a resolution with your neighbour, seeking help from local authorities or legal experts can be an effective way of addressing the noise issue. It's important to prioritize your well-being and reach out to mental health professionals if the noise is causing you significant disturbance or distress.

Soundproofing Foam Calne

It appears from carrying out some basic keyphrase research that a frequent search on Google and other search engines is for "soundproofing foam" and for home owners in Calne, maybe "soundproofing foam Calne". Now, that's quite interesting as this would indicate that local home owners are looking to acoustic foam products as an answer to their noise problems in Calne.

I'm not trying to ruin your day, but the truth is that soundproofing foam isn't likely to be the answer to your prayers, and will certainly not eliminate the din caused by your noisy neighbours in Calne.

Often sold in tile or sheet form, this "egg box" shaped foam that you often see on sale isn't really designed for stopping the transmission of noise, but was actually created to be used in music studios and similar environments, to enhance the sound clarity in a room, and reduce echoing and reverberation. It is not effective in stopping noise from travelling around your house, or stopping sound from passing through the wall of a neighbouring property. Rather than blocking it, soundproofing foam actually allows sound to pass through it, because it is in fact porous.

This foam product might however be handy for you if you are building a music room in your home in Calne, and if this is the case you'll discover that it can be bought in different thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl

Used in soundproofing, Mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) is a popular material for reducing noise transmission through ceilings, walls and floors. The excellent noise blocking capabilities of MLV are due to its dense and flexible material composition of vinyl and other products. Installing it with adhesives, screws or nails is a simple process for walls or floors.

Its ability to reduce sound vibrations and absorb sound energy makes MLV a highly effective soundproofing solution. Resistant to moisture, mass-loaded vinyl is a fitting option for soundproofing areas with high humidity levels. It is commonly used in flats, homes, recording studios, and commercial buildings, where noise control is essential for the safety and comfort of occupants.

Soundproofing Curtains Calne

Soundproof curtains, which are also known as acoustic curtains or noise-reducing curtains, have become popular for their ability to mitigate unwanted external noise and create a more peaceful and quieter environment indoors. Designed to dampen, absorb and block sound waves, these specialised curtains are a useful option for people looking to improve their living or working spaces in Calne.

Soundproofing curtains are made using a combination of dense materials that can reflect sound waves and also absorb them. The layers typically consist of heavy fabrics, such as velvet, suede, or several layers of woven fabric, along with an inner core consisting of mass-loaded vinyl or foam. The sound that enters a room is effectively reduced by these materials working together to mitigate the transmission of noise from outside sources.

Soundproof Curtains Calne

Soundproof curtains are a breeze to install, making them an excellent solution for anyone. Unlike regular soundproofing procedures that require complicated construction or modification of ceilings, floors and walls, these curtains can be easily installed on pre-existing curtain tracks or rods. These curtains are a great option for property owners and renters in Calne who want to reduce noise without making permanent changes to their living spaces, as they are convenient and cost-effective.

Soundproof curtains are not only functional, they can also be used to create a variety of aesthetic effects. To go with the internal decoration of their home, property owners can choose from a variety of patterns, colours and designs. This means that while these curtains are effective at soundproofing the room, they can also have a hand in the overall visual appearance of the space.

To select the best soundproof curtains, think carefully about the particular noise problems you're having. Different curtains offer varying degrees of noise reduction, normally measured in decibels (dB). Furthermore, some soundproofing curtains may provide better insulation against external noise, while others may be better at absorbing echo and reverberation within a room. This makes them well-suited for recording studios, home theatres or office spaces.

Whilst it is true that soundproof curtains can reduce noise significantly, one should remember that they may not be capable of completely eliminating all kinds of sounds. The effectiveness of the curtains in soundproofing can be affected by factors such as the fabric type, how thick they are, and the noise frequency. Additional soundproofing methods, such as installing acoustic panels, using weatherstripping or sealing gaps around windows and doors, can complement soundproof curtains to enhance noise reduction.

In short, soundproof curtains offer an accessible and functional option for those looking to create quieter indoor environments. Easy to install, aesthetically diverse, and extremely effective at minimising external noise, soundproof curtains are an invaluable addition for noise control in homes, workplaces, and any desired space. By appreciating the attributes of soundproof curtains and choosing the best ones for your requirements, you can reap the benefits of these noise-reducing wonders. (85515 - Soundproof Curtains Calne)

Calne Soundproofing Tasks

Soundproofing Tasks Calne

There are a whole host of tasks that can be completed by your local Calne soundproofing company including acoustic noise cancelling services, basement soundproofing, soundproofing surveys, soundproofing solutions, concrete floor soundproofing, soundproofing advice, sound masking systems, soundproofing consultations, acoustic fencing installation, acoustic solutions, soundproof noise from upstairs, acoustic plasterboard installation, noisy neighbour soundproofing, soundproofing movie rooms, sound management services, soundproofing services, sound insulation, noise cancellation, ceiling soundproofing, acoustic treatments, acoustic glass, sash window soundproofing, soundproofing underlay, echo reduction, under floor hanger systems, soundproofing quotations, soundproof noise from downstairs, soundproofing supplies, soundboard installation, soundproofing foam installation, and lots more. These are just a small portion of the duties that are performed by those installing soundproofing. Calne specialists will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

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Other Tradespeople in Calne: Any time you are thinking of doing improvements to your home or garden in Calne, the chances are that you'll need a number of different tradesmen over the course of the project, and although you might currently be looking for a local Calne soundproofing company, you might also be interested in the services of a building contractor in Calne, a carpenter in Calne, a tiling expert in Calne, a gutter specialist in Calne, rubbish removal in Calne, SKIP HIRE in Calne, a plumber in Calne, an electrician in Calne, a painter and decorator in Calne, a bricklayer in Calne, roof cleaning in Calne, an odd job man in Calne, a plasterer in Calne, and more.

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Also find: Heddington soundproofing, High Penn soundproofing, Compton Bassett soundproofing, Christian Malford soundproofing, Bowood soundproofing, Whitley soundproofing, Whetham soundproofing, Hillmarton soundproofing, Derry Hill soundproofing, Bremhill soundproofing, Calstone soundproofing, Cherhill soundproofing, Quemerford soundproofing and more. There are companies who specialise in soundproofing in almost all of these locations. Their extensive knowledge and expertise empower these experienced specialists to execute high-quality soundproofing on your home or property. These companies’ key objective is to create a more peaceful and quieter living environment for occupants by providing customised solutions that effectively reduce noise pollution. To get quotes for soundproofing, local residents can go here. Do you have rooms that need soundproofing? Don't delay - get a quote today!

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