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Soundproofer Parkeston Essex (CO12): If you're anxious about the level of noise in your Parkeston home, be it in a home office, lounge, bedroom or studio, you should contemplate putting in some soundproofing. You could also be aware of noise from a family room or home cinema room seeping out and disturbing others in the house. No matter which soundproofing requirements are needed, it will be vital for you and your neighbour's peace of mind and sanity.

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Before we can find strategies for combating sound pollution, it might help if we understand exactly how sound travels and is transmitted.

Soundproofing Parkeston Essex (CO12)

Sound can travel in a couple of ways:

1. In open spaces by movement of air.

2. Through objects by the vibration of the material.

Sound also travels through water, however unless you are planning to soundproof an aquarium or pool we'll simply deal with the isolation via air and materials.


If you look around your area to be soundproofed and notice single glazed windows, heating ducts, gaps around doors and even electrical sockets and switches, these are all aspects that can cause the transmission of sound. All sounds and noise will create the vibration and movement of the air molecules, and it is this that we hear. No matter what the source of the sound; kids playing, busy traffic, aircraft, machinery or music playing, all sound is produced and transferred in precisely the same fashion.

If you can visualise your room as if it were a bucket, and you are trying to identify any leaks which need sealing before you can fill it with water.


Sound waves can additionally be absorbed by, transferred to or reflected by solid materials and structures. The ceilings, walls and floors will all affect how sound moves around a room, and can even transmit those vibrations to other parts of a property. Even if a room is built from a solid material that is somewhat resistant to sound, such as a concrete lined cellar, the sound can sometimes be transmitted and perhaps even amplified to other areas of the property.

How should we stop these sounds and vibrations from having an adverse effect on other folks? Soundproofing is the answer.


A bare floor resonates more than one covered with a rug or carpet. The rugs or other soft coverings will help to absorb noises and can also add a touch of style to a previously bare room. Wall coverings or window drapes can also be used to enhance soundproofing and are easy to install and maintain.

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Finding and plugging any gaps or holes in the room, think windows, light fittings, doors and electrical sockets, is also a simple job for a skilled do-it-yourselfer. There are some special acoustic sealants available on the market which absorb the sound waves, and do not transmit them to the surrounding materials. They might be somewhat more expensive than standard plaster or sealants, but they're worth the cost for their soundproofing qualities.

If your room is a blank canvas and you are soundproofing while you renovate or decorate, think about putting up a skin of soundboard or plasterboard, (also called sheet rock, drywall or gyproc). Plasterboard is a very dense material that's both effective and economical for soundproofing purposes. If you are putting in a movie room, home office or music studio then plasterboard will help to minimise sound pollution for that room, and can be readily decorated after installation. It's wise to hire a specialist Parkeston tradesman to install plasterboard unless you've experience in its application.

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One final easy soundproofing remedy is to check the materials from which your doors are made. If you have hollow doors fitted to rooms you'll find that they can vibrate with any sound that hits them. If you are able to change to solid doors you'll find it boosts your room's soundproofing at minimal extra cost.


If you reside in a high sound pollution location, such as next to a busy road or near an airport, you'll have to be more inventive in how to increase the soundproofing qualities of your home. You'll obtain the very best soundproofing results by using the expertise of an experienced soundproofing specialist.

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They will ask the following four questions during the initial assessment of your needs:

  1. What type of room or property do you want to soundproof? Does it have a lined concrete wall, a brick wall or a plasterboarded partition wall etc.
  2. Where is the majority of the sound coming from? The ceiling, doors, windows, flooring or walls.
  3. What sounds or noise are you looking to subdue? i.e. External factors like passing trains, noisy neighbours, street noise etc, or sounds inside your home from a home cinema or teenagers bedroom.
  4. What are the dimensions of the space or room that needs to be soundproofed?

With accurate answers to these queries a trustworthy soundproofing installer in Parkeston will come up with solutions to suit your situation, and just as importantly, your allotted budget. There will be different remedies for each of the main key areas of the room you wish to soundproof.


There are two key areas that need to be dealt with to soundproof any room or space:

  1. Update and increase the level of sound absorption.
  2. Reduce sound amplifying and reverberation.

A site survey will be required to pinpoint the areas that need improving.

Solutions from the survey will include the addition of materials of different masses and densities to help maximise the soundproofing characteristics of the area. This additional mass will include ways to improve the absorption of sound through the use of acoustic rubber or foam to gain the maximum sound reduction impacts.

Soundproofing Services Parkeston (CO12)

Insulation between any voids will be improved or upgraded to lessen the noise resonation and amplification of these sound boxes. If you imagine such spaces like a drum or wooden cajon then you'll see that by leaving wall cavities and floor or ceiling joist spaces empty, you're creating a sound amplification area.

Combined layers of differing mass and density materials work better at absorbing noise than a single layer of one material type. The various materials will isolate different frequencies of noise and provide a more harmonious feeling and auditory experience to a room.

Any soundproofing installer in Parkeston will have to conform to the Part E of the Building Regulations, if dealing with a residential property. These regulations have the purpose of protecting neighbours and other residents in the area from the impact and effect of sound pollution.

Trade organisations in the soundproofing sector that offer qualifications, training and guidance are the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). A reputable soundproofing contractor in Parkeston will have been through a vetting procedure for the professionalism and quality of their work to have been accepted as a member of these trade organisations.

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Where is Soundproofing Available?

Soundproofing services are available in Parkeston and also nearby in: Parkeston Quay, Shop Corner, Dovercourt, Tendring, Shotley, Bradfield Heath, Harkstead, Erwarton, Wrabness, Wix, Upper Dovercourt, Stones Green, and in these postcodes CO12 4FF, CO12 4SA, CO12 4AQ, CO12 4SJ, CO12 4NU, CO12 4PR, CO12 4BJ, CO12 4NZ, CO12 4PW, and CO12 4QD. Locally based Parkeston soundproofing specialists will probably have the phone code 01255 and the postcode CO12. Verifying this will ensure you are accessing locally based providers of soundproofing. Parkeston property owners will be able to utilise these and lots of other soundproofing related services. Local property owners who need soundproofing price quotes can simply click on the "Quote" banner.

Acoustic Mineral Wool

AMW (or acoustic mineral wool) is one of the most versatile materials on the market for the soundproofing of properties in Parkeston and has several applications for your sound absorption requirements. Specifically designed to be installed in the cavity spaces of walls, ceilings and floors, acoustic mineral wool is effective in dampening vibrations, enhancing acoustic performance and absorbing sound waves.

Acoustic Mineral Wool Parkeston

AMW commonly comes in 1200mm x 600mm slabs and is available in 25 millimetre, 50 millimetre, 75 millimetre and 100 millimetre thicknesses. AMW is often made from recycled materials (approximately 20%), is chemically inert, and is non-combustible. It won't encourage the growth of bacteria, mould or fungi, nor does it react with any materials or substances that it comes into close contact with (i.e. brickwork, masonry, plastics or metal wall ties).

Widely recognised in the building sector for its fire, thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, acoustic mineral wool is notably effective as a sound absorbing filler when used between floor joists, stud partitions and suspended ceilings. With regards to separating floors and walls, and when used alongside other soundproofing materials, acoustic mineral wool can help in adhering to The Building Regulations (Part E).... READ MORE.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl

Used in soundproofing, Mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) is a popular material for reducing noise transmission through floors, ceilings and walls. MLV's dense and flexible material composition, which includes vinyl and other materials, gives it excellent noise blocking capabilities. A quick and easy installation process involves attaching it to walls or floors using nails, screws or adhesives.

The effectiveness of MLV in soundproofing is derived from its ability to absorb sound energy and reduce sound vibrations. Mass-loaded vinyl is a suitable soundproofing material for areas with high levels of humidity due to its moisture resistance. Noise control is necessary for occupant safety and comfort in houses, apartments, commercial buildings and recording studios, where mass-loaded vinyl is frequently used.

Soundproofing Foam Parkeston

It would seem from doing some simple keyword research that a popular search on Google and other search engines is for "soundproofing foam" and for local property owners, "soundproofing foam Parkeston". Now, this implies that lots of folks are hunting for a solution to soundproof their homes in Parkeston, and are hoping that soundproofing foam will do this.

I don't wish to spoil anyone's day, but soundproofing foam isn't really the answer to most noise related problems, and is certainly not effective if you are aiming to eliminate the din from noisy next door neighbours in Parkeston.

Often sold in sheet or tile form, this "egg box" style foam that you frequently see on sale is not actually designed for blocking out noise, but was actually created for use in music studios and similar environments, to improve the acoustic performance of a room, and help reduce resonation and echoing. It is not effective in stopping sound from travelling around your house, or stopping noise from penetrating the wall of a neighbouring building. Soundproofing foam is porous and does not block noise, it absorbs it and permits sound to pass through it.

If however, you're building a music room, this may be a handy product for you to use, and can be purchased in various thicknesses (usually 25mm and 50mm), and in a choice of tile and sheet sizes.

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing Parkeston

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing ParkestonThe presence of a noisy neighbour next door can be an absolute nightmare to live with. Whether it's loud music, barking dogs or endless parties, the constant noise can quickly disrupt your peace and affect the quality of your life. One solution to this problem is soundproofing. Soundproofing necessitates the addition of materials to ceilings, walls and floors to either absorb or block sound. Acoustic foam, mass-loaded vinyl, and soundproof curtains are among the frequently used soundproofing materials. You can choose to add sound insulation to your walls or opt for double glazing to reduce noise from the outside. The time and expense associated with soundproofing may make it challenging for people who are renting to undertake. It's imperative to communicate with your neighbour and come up with a solution that suits both of you. Seeking assistance from mental health professionals and prioritizing your well-being is essential if you're experiencing significant distress or disturbance from the noise. To conclude, dealing with a loud neighbour can be difficult, but there are different ways to tackle the problem, including insulation, communication, soundproofing, and legal means, with a focus on prioritising one's well-being and reaching out to mental health professionals if required.

Acoustic Glazing Parkeston

Acoustic glazing, sometimes called soundproof glazing, is a window specifically designed to cut down on noise coming from outside. In busy urban settings or near noisy environments like airports and train stations, it is especially useful. Limiting the amount of external noise entering a home or building in Parkeston is the primary goal, aiming to create a more pleasant and quieter inside space.

Acoustic Glazing Parkeston

Acoustic glazing achieves its noise-dampening effect by using several glass panes separated by a special acoustic interlayer. A plastic material that can dampen sound waves is what the interlayer is usually made with. With its multi-layered approach, this glazing substantially cuts down on noise that passes through it, making it far superior to standard double or single glazing. The thickness and the distance between the glass panes can also be adjusted to improve the noise-cancelling effect.

Even though its main aim is reducing noise, acoustic glazing comes with an unexpected array of other benefits. Keeping properties in Parkeston warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it improves thermal insulation. The multiple glass layers make it more difficult to break, thus providing better security. Overall, for those who are aiming to enhance their working or living environments in Parkeston, acoustic glazing offers a viable option by creating a quieter and calmer atmosphere. (Acoustic Glazing Parkeston)

Soundproofing Curtains

Soundproof, acoustic or noise-reducing curtains are all effective ways to create a more peaceful and quieter environment indoors by mitigating unwanted external noise. Sound waves are dampened, absorbed and blocked by these specialised curtains, making them an appealing option for enhancing living or working spaces in Parkeston.

Soundproof curtains are produced using a combination of dense materials that are capable of absorbing and reflecting sound waves. Such curtains normally have heavy fabrics, such as velvet, suede, or multiple layers of woven fabric, along with an inner core consisting of foam or mass-loaded vinyl as their layers. These materials work together to effectively reduce the sound that enters a room by mitigating the transmission of noise from the outside.

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One of the best things about soundproof curtains is how easy they are to install. Unlike regular soundproofing procedures, which are complicated and time-consuming, these curtains can be simply hung on pre-existing curtain rods or tracks. This makes them a convenient and cost-effective option for both householders and tenants in Parkeston who want to reduce noise without making permanent changes to their living spaces.

Soundproof curtains are not just practical but also stylish and aesthetically appealing. A variety of patterns, designs and colours are available, allowing homeowners to choose options that match the interior decor in their home. These curtains playing a part in the overall aesthetic appearance of the space, while also effectively soundproofing the room.

When choosing soundproof curtains, it's essential to consider the particular noise problems you're experiencing. Different curtains offer varying degrees of noise reduction, traditionally measured in decibels (dB). Some soundproof curtains may insulate against external noise better than others, while some may focus on absorbing reverberation and echo within a room, making them ideal for recording studios, home theatres or office spaces.

Whilst it is true that soundproof curtains can reduce noise substantially, one must remember that they might not be capable of completely eliminating all kinds of sounds. The material from which the curtains are made, their thickness and the frequency of the noise are all elements that can have an impact on their effectiveness. By amalgamating soundproof curtains with other soundproofing techniques, such as using weatherstripping, incorporating acoustic panels or sealing gaps around doors and windows, one can greatly improve the reduction of noise.

To conclude, a quieter haven awaits! Soundproof curtains offer a practical and accessible answer for those seeking tranquility in their homes. Noise reduction can be both stylish and easy, as soundproof curtains offer a priceless solution for homes, workplaces, and any space. Their ease of installation, aesthetic variety, and performance in combating noise from outside make them a winner. Understanding the attributes of soundproof curtains and selecting the right ones for your particular needs enables you to savour the benefits of a quieter environment. (17397 - Soundproof Curtains Parkeston)

Parkeston Soundproofing Tasks

Soundproofing Tasks Parkeston

There are a whole host of tasks that can be completed by your local Parkeston soundproofing specialist including acoustic panel installation, sound management, soundproofing home cinema rooms, soundproofing services, under floor hanger systems, wall soundproofing services in Parkeston, soundproofing surveys in Parkeston, concrete floor soundproofing, acoustic foam installation, soundproofing plasterboard, ceiling soundproofing, acoustic glass, soundproofing for party walls, acoustic membranes, isonic hanger systems in Parkeston, acoustic services, sound masking systems, dampen noise from upstairs, vibration control, soundproofing supplies, cheap soundproofing, dampen noise from downstairs in Parkeston, acoustic noise cancelling services, echo reducing, sound insulation in Parkeston, soundproofing home gyms, soundproofing advice, noise reduction services, soundproofing solutions, noisy neighbour soundproofing, and more. These are just some of the tasks that are handled by tradesmen installing soundproofing. Parkeston providers will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

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Also find: Wrabness soundproofing, Tendring soundproofing, Dovercourt soundproofing, Parkeston Quay soundproofing, Shotley soundproofing, Harkstead soundproofing, Shop Corner soundproofing, Stones Green soundproofing, Bradfield Heath soundproofing, Upper Dovercourt soundproofing, Wix soundproofing, Erwarton soundproofing and more. Practically all of these areas are covered by firms who do soundproofing. These seasoned specialists have an abundance of expertise and know-how, enabling them to perform top-quality soundproofing work on your home. Their key goal is to reduce noise pollution, ensuring a more serene and tranquil atmosphere for the inhabitants. To get price quotes for soundproofing, local home and business owners can click here.

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