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Soundproofer Edmonton Greater London (N9): If your Edmonton property is being adversely affected by noise, perhaps you should consider installing some soundproofing to bring tranquillity to your home office, bedroom, lounge or studio. You might also be aware of noise from a home cinema or family room escaping and disturbing other inhabitants. Whatever your requirements are, soundproofing will provide you with peace of mind.

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Before we are able to discover methods for countering sound pollution, it might help if we understand exactly how sound travels and is transmitted.

Soundproofing Edmonton Greater London (N9)

There basically two ways in which sound can be transmitted around a room:

1. The vibration or air molecules through the air.

2. Through objects by the vibration of the material.

Although sound also travels through water, unless you are eager to eliminate noises from an aquarium or swimming pool, we'll only be concerned at how to reduce sound levels in rooms within a building.


Significant amounts of sound can be transferred out of and into a room through gaps around doors, open ducting, single glazed windows and even light fittings and electrical sockets. Any noise vibrates the molecules in the air and these vibrations are what we pick up and hear as sound. No matter what the source of the sound; music playing, aeroplanes, children playing, busy traffic or machinery, all sounds are generated and transmitted in precisely the same manner.

It is helpful to imagine a room as a boat and inspect it carefully for leaks that require sealing.


If sound moves through the air by vibrations, then it seems logical that those vibrations can be absorbed by, transferred to or reflected by different materials. Sound can be transported around a building from its source through the vibration of floors, walls and ceilings. Care should be taken with solid concrete or brick walls, such as in cellars, since sound can be reflected and amplified to other areas of your house.

How should we stop these vibrations and sounds affecting other folks? Soundproofing is the answer.


If you have bare floors or floorboards, consider laying a few rugs or cover with a carpet to help in reducing any vibrations and sound reflections. Not only will such a simple solution reduce your problem with noise, but it can also perk up the room. Curtains, in particular substantial blackout styles, will also stifle any sounds from escaping or invading the area, cost-effectively and without the need for professional soundproofing.

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Another cost-effective and DIY remedy is to plug any gaps or holes around windows, door frames, sockets and light fittings. Stopping up the gaps and holes with a professional acoustic sealant found in some DIY outlets and builders merchants, can make an enormous difference to sound transmission in your rooms. There might be a considerable difference in price when compared with a regular sealant, but the soundproofing capabilities are significantly better and can make a huge difference to a room's soundproofing.

If the room you are working on is a blank canvas and you are soundproofing while you decorate or renovate, think about installing another skin of plasterboard or soundboard, (also known as sheet rock, drywall or gypsum board). This is a fairly dense type of board which is an economic and useful soundproofing material. It is excellent for spaces like home cinemas, home offices or music studios being built within your home in Edmonton. If you do decide to use plasterboard to help with your soundproofing exploits it is better to use a specialist fitter in Edmonton, to get the maximum possible effect from its installment.

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The last solution for DIY enthusiasts is to think about the doors in your home in Edmonton. If you've got hollow doors installed in your rooms you will find they can vibrate and will resonate any sound that is aimed at them. If you're able to change to solid doors you'll discover that it improves your soundproofing more cheaply than some other solutions.


If your home is in a high sound pollution location, such as near an airport or next to busy roads, you will need to be more ingenius in how to improve the soundproofing in your house. The best way to resolve these issues is to call in a specialist soundproofing and acoustic contractor from the local area.

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The first questions you can expect to be asked are:

  1. What are the dimensions of the room or area that needs to be soundproofed?
  2. What room needs soundproofing? i.e. Is it a concrete lined cellar, a loft conversion, a brick walled room or a plasterboard partition room.
  3. What noise or sounds are you wanting to eliminate? i.e. External factors such as trains, road noise, neighbours playing loud music etc, or internal sounds from a home cinema or music room.
  4. Where is the majority of the noise pollution coming from? The floor, windows, doors, ceiling or walls.

An experienced soundproofing installation company in Edmonton will look at all of these aspects to provide remedies for your sound problems for various budgets. The areas of your room that are responsible for the biggest issues will each require different solutions.


There are two areas that must be dealt with to soundproof any space:

  1. Maximise sound absorption.
  2. Minimise sound the reverberation and amplification of sound.

Doing this requires an on-site survey to determine exactly what areas require improving from the current condition.

Conclusions from the survey will include the addition of materials of different densities and masses to help maximise the soundproofing properties of the area. This additional mass will include ways to improve the absorption of noises by the use of acoustic rubber or foam to gain the maximum impact of sound reduction.

Soundproofing Services Edmonton (N9)

Voids between joists may require insulating to remove the resonating space between them. If you visualise a drum for example, you're looking at a noise amplifying void surrounded by a resonating material; fundamentally what you may find within ceiling and floor joists, or cavities in walls.

Soundproofing is maximised if multiple layers of different density materials are used, as opposed to installing only one type of material. This is due to the fact that the different material densities react better with different frequencies and will deliver a much better resolution to your soundproofing exploits.

Any soundproofing installer in Edmonton will need to comply with the the Building Regulations (Part E), if your property is residential in nature. This regulation has the aim of protecting other residents in the immediate area from the impacts of noise pollution.

The Association of Noise Consultants and the Institute of Acoustics are trade bodies who offer qualifications and training, and are representative of the very best in contractors and companies who provide soundproofing solutions. Any Edmonton company displaying ANC or IOA accreditation has been vetted to make certain they provide the highest quality, reliability and standards of workmanship within the industry.

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Soundproofing services are available in Edmonton and also in: West Green, Gilwell Hill, Upper Edmonton, Harringay Gardens, Northumberland Park, White Hart Lane, Lower Edmonton, Bush Hill Park, Grange Park, Little Russia, and in these postcodes EN1 2NJ, EN1 1BX, EN1 2QD, EN1 2HS, EN1 2PX, EN1 1XN, EN1 1EL, EN1 2DH, EN1 2JA, and EN1 1HQ. Local Edmonton soundproofing specialists will likely have the postcode N9 and the phone code 020. Checking this out will ensure you're accessing locally based tradesmen installing soundproofing. Edmonton home and business owners are able to benefit from these and various other related services. Homeowners who require soundproofing quotes can simply click on the "Quote" banner.

Soundproofing Foam Edmonton

Just recently I thought I'd check out what homeowners in Edmonton are searching for online with regards to soundproofing, and evidently when looking on Google and other search engines one of the most commonly types in requests is "soundproofing foam". And on a local basis searches include things like "soundproofing foam Edmonton". That's really quite interesting, because it indicates that Edmonton householders are assuming that acoustic foam products are suitable for resolving their noise issues.

I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade, but soundproofing foam is not really the answer to most noise pollution problems, and is most certainly not effective if you're looking to eliminate the racket from your noisy next door neighbours in Edmonton.

Often sold in sheet or tile form, this "egg box" style foam that you frequently see on sale isn't really designed for blocking out noise, but is really meant to be used in music studios and similar environments, to improve the acoustic performance of a room, and help to reduce echoing and reverberation. It's not the right product preventing noise from moving freely around your house, or preventing sound from passing through a wall from a neighbouring building. Acoustic foam is porous and does not block noise, it absorbs it and actually lets sound pass through it.

However, if you happen to be working on creating a music studio, this foam product may be helpful for you, and is available in various sheet sizes and different thicknesses (normally 25 millimetre and 50 millimetre). (Tags: Soundproofing Foam Edmonton, Music Studio Soundproofing Edmonton, Soundproof Foam Edmonton, Acoustic Foam Edmonton).

Acoustic Door Seals

Acoustic door seals are an essential component of soundproofing systems in structures and buildings. They are designed to reduce the amount of noise that passes through doorways, thereby enhancing the overall sound insulation of a room.

The materials used in the construction of acoustic door seals are selected for their ability to absorb and block sound waves. This includes weatherstripping, foam and rubber, all of which are used to prevent sound from escaping through door frame cracks and gaps. Certain acoustic door seals also incorporate sound-deadening materials, like mass loaded vinyl, which amplifies their sound blocking properties and enhances the overall soundproofing of an area.

The ability of an acoustic door seal to effectively reduce noise is influenced by various factors such as its installation location, shape and size. To achieve the best possible sound insulation, it's crucial to use door seals that are specifically designed for the style of door and the purpose of the room. For instance, doors leading to recording studios or lecture halls need more sophisticated soundproofing solutions compared to those leading to a private office.

Proper installation is also crucial for ensuring that an acoustic door seal functions optimally. The door seal must be installed tightly against the doorframe to prevent any gaps from forming, and it must be replaced periodically to maintain its soundproofing properties.

To sum things up, acoustic door seals are a powerful means of improving the sound insulation of a room or space. Whether it's for an office, a lecture hall or a music room, the right door seals can have a significant impact on your soundproofing efforts.

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing Edmonton

Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing EdmontonThe presence of a noisy neighbour next door can be an absolute nightmare to live with. Your quality of life can be quickly affected and your peace disturbed by constant noise such as barking dogs, never-ending parties or loud music. The problem can be addressed through soundproofing. To achieve soundproofing, one must add materials to ceilings, floors and walls to either block or absorb sound. Soundproofing is typically done using materials such as soundproof curtains, mass-loaded vinyl and acoustic foam. You can also add sound insulation to your walls or opt for double glazing to reduce outside noise. Soundproofing may not always be feasible for people who are renting since it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Thus, it's crucial to have an open conversation with your neighbour and collaborate on a solution that works for both of you. Should you be unable to find a resolution with your neighbour, seeking help from local council or legal experts can be an effective way of addressing the noise issue. All in all, having a noisy neighbour nearby can be frustrating, but there are various remedies available, such as communication, insulation, soundproofing, and legal routes, while making sure to prioritise one's well-being and seeking support from professionals as necessary.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl

For reducing noise transmission through floors, walls and ceilings, Mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) is a popular soundproofing material. The excellent noise blocking capabilities of MLV are due to its dense and flexible material composition of vinyl and other products. It can be easily installed on walls or floors using nails, adhesives or screws.

The effectiveness of MLV in soundproofing is derived from its ability to reduce sound vibrations and absorb sound energy. Suitable for areas with high humidity levels, mass-loaded vinyl's moisture resistance makes it an ideal soundproofing option. MLV is widely used for noise control in flats, homes, commercial buildings and recording studios where occupant comfort and safety are essential.

Soundproofing Curtains

Unwanted external noise can be mitigated by noise-reducing, acoustic or soundproof curtains, which are all popular choices for creating a quieter and more peaceful environment indoors. Enhancing living or working spaces in Edmonton, these specialist curtains absorb, block and dampen sound waves, making them an appealing option.

Dense materials that can reflect and absorb sound waves are used to construct soundproof curtains. The typical layers of these curtains are heavy fabrics, such as velvet, suede, or multiple layers of woven fabric, along with an inner core made of foam or mass-loaded vinyl. The level of sound that enters a room is effectively reduced by these materials working together to mitigate the transmission of noise from the outside.

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Soundproof curtains are a convenient and effective way to muffle noise, with easy installation that anyone can manage. Unlike traditional soundproofing techniques, which are complex and time-consuming, these curtains can be simply hung on existing curtain rods or tracks. These curtains offer householders and renters in Edmonton a cost-effective and convenient way to reduce noise without making irreversible changes to their living spaces, making them a popular choice for those who want to improve the acoustics of their home without costing a bomb.

In addition to their functional benefits, soundproof curtains are also visually versatile. Available in a variety of patterns, colours and designs, homeowners can choose options that harmonise with their interior decor. The overall visual appearance of the space is enhanced by these curtains, which are also effective at soundproofing the room.

Think about the particular noise problems you're experiencing when selecting soundproof curtains. Noise reduction performance varies between different curtains, and is typically measured in decibels (dB). Curtains can also be used to insulate against external noise and absorb echo and reverberation within a room. This makes them ideal for use in home theatres, office spaces or recording studios.

While soundproof curtains can notably decrease noise levels, it is crucial to acknowledge that they may not eliminate all sounds entirely. The curtain’s material, its overall thickness, and the noise frequency are key elements that can modify their soundproofing effectiveness. By amalgamating soundproof curtains with other soundproofing strategies, such as installing acoustic panels, sealing gaps around doors and windows or using weatherstripping, one can greatly enhance the reduction of noise.

In brief, creating a serene indoor environment is no longer just a dream.Soundproof curtains provide a readily available and practical answer. Soundproof curtains are a valuable addition. Easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and highly effective at dampening external noise, they are perfect for business premises, homes, and any indoors space that needs a touch of tranquillity. By understanding the attributes of soundproof curtains and choosing the best ones for your requirements, you can enjoy the benefits of these noise-reducing marvels. (58034 - Soundproof Curtains Edmonton)

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There is a wide range of work that can be accomplished by your local Edmonton soundproofing specialist including window soundproofing, soundproofing for party walls Edmonton, soundproofing services, soundproofing estimates in Edmonton, acoustic fencing Edmonton, soundproofing home gyms, soundproofing foam, soundproofing underlay, acoustic noise cancelling services Edmonton, noisy neighbour soundproofing Edmonton, acoustic membranes Edmonton, door soundproofing, noise control services, isonic hanger systems Edmonton, under floor hanger soundproofing, soundproofing walls from noisy neighbours Edmonton, soundproof curtains, underfloor soundplank installations, soundproofing solutions, sound insulation, soundproofing advice, plant & machinery noise testing, resilient bar soundproofing, acoustic glass, batten wall systems, sash window soundproofing Edmonton, ceiling soundproofing Edmonton, acoustic flooring in Edmonton, soundproofing rooms Edmonton, noise cancellation, soundboard installations, soundproofing floors, acoustic treatments, and more. Listed are just a selection of the tasks that are carried out by those installing soundproofing. Edmonton contractors will let you know their entire range of soundproofing services.

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Also find: White Hart Lane soundproofing, Lower Edmonton soundproofing, Harringay Gardens soundproofing, Upper Edmonton soundproofing, Northumberland Park soundproofing, Gilwell Hill soundproofing, Bush Hill Park soundproofing, Little Russia soundproofing, Grange Park soundproofing, West Green soundproofing and more. Soundproofing services are widely available in the majority of these localities. In soundproofing your property, these seasoned specialists bring to the table a wealth of expertise and knowledge, ensuring top-notch results. These soundproofing experts aim to mitigate noise pollution effectively by providing custom solutions, creating a more peaceful and quieter environment for occupants. By going here, local property owners can obtain soundproofing quotations.

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