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Soundproofer Seaton Devon (EX12): If the level of noise is an issue in your Seaton home then it may be time to look at installing soundproofing to make your home office, studio, living room or bedroom a retreat of peace and quiet from the outside world. Conversely you might want to soundproof a particular room to keep noise in, such as in a home cinema or family room, so that others don't get disturbed. In any event, soundproofing is crucial for sanity and peace of mind.

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Before we are able to identify techniques for countering sound pollution, it will help if we understand how sound travels and is transmitted.

Soundproofing Seaton Devon (EX12)

Sound is able to travel in two different ways:

1. In open spaces by movement of air.

2. Through the vibration of objects or materials.

Sound is also transmitted through water, but unless you're looking at soundproofing a pool or aquarium we'll only consider its isolation via air and materials.


Any heating ducts, ill fitting windows, gaps around doors and even light fittings and electrical sockets can all be responsible for the transmission of sound outside or into a room. All sound vibrates the air molecules and this vibration is what we pick up and hear as sound. It doesn't matter whether it's aircraft, busy traffic, kids playing, music or heavy machinery, they all produce and transfer sound in the same way.

You must therefore visualise a room as a boat and inspect it carefully for leaks that require sealing.


As sound travels through the air by vibrations, then it seems logical that such vibrations can be absorbed by, reflected by or transferred to various solid materials. The walls, ceilings and floors will all have an effect on how sound travels around an area, and can even transmit that vibration to other areas of a building. Even if a room is encased in a solid material which is proofed against sound, such as a concrete basement, the sound can sometimes be reflected and even amplified to other areas of the dwelling.

How can we prevent these vibrations and sounds affecting other folks? Soundproofing is the solution.


A bare floor resonates more than one covered with a rug or carpet. Such a straightforward solution can help to damp down any noise and enhance the room at the same time. Hanging wall coverings and curtains can also prevent sound vibrations and reflections through windows and walls without the need to bring in a team of professional soundproofing installers.

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Look for areas in your rooms where noise can come in or escape from; light fittings, sockets, door frames and windows, and seal any gaps. You can find specialist acoustic sealants in many builders merchants that repress the transfer of sound by suppressing it. They might be a little more expensive than standard plaster or sealants, but are worth it for their soundproofing qualities.

For anybody renovating a property or redecorating a room, evaluate the soundproofing gains of adding another layer of plasterboard or soundboard, (also called sheet rock, gypsum board or drywall), while you are carrying out this work. Plasterboard is a very dense material which is both economical and efficient for soundproofing purposes. It's superb if you're putting in a home office, games room or movie room in your house in Seaton. If you do decide on plasterboard to aid your soundproofing exploits it is best to bring in a specialist fitter in Seaton, to achieve the maximum benefit from its installation.

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The last do-it-yourself solution is to think about the doors within your property in Seaton. Hollow doors are a relatively cheap option although their soundproofing capabilities are far from the best. Changing hollow core doors for solid core will improve the soundproofing characteristics of a room with only a little more cost.


Some properties, such as those alongside busy roads or on aircraft flight paths, have naturally more sound issues and will need other ways to tackle the predicament. You'll get the most effective soundproofing outcome by employing the services of an experienced soundproofing company.

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The first questions you can expect to be asked are:

  1. What type of area or room do you wish to soundproof? Is it a plasterboarded partition wall, a brick wall or a lined concrete wall etc.
  2. How big is the room you want to be soundproofed?
  3. From which direction does the noise seem to be coming from? i.e. Through the ceiling, walls, doors, windows or flooring or a combination of all of these.
  4. Is it external sounds or internal noise that you wish to deal with? i.e. To cut out aircraft, next door neighbours or street noise, or is it from internally generated sounds from a music studio or home cinema for example.

Your answers to these questions will enable you to receive price quotes for the various available solutions that match your circumstances. There'll be different remedies for each of the key areas the space you wish to soundproof.


There are two areas that need to be dealt with to soundproof any space or room:

  1. Improve the absorption of sound.
  2. Reduce sound amplifying and resonating.

To effectively analyse the elements that need improvement, an on-site survey needs to be performed by a soundproofing expert.

Solutions from the survey will include the addition of materials of different densities and masses to help enhance the soundproofing attributes of the area. The use of acoustic foams and rubbers of varying density and mass will help in absorbing sounds and reduce reflections and transmission sources.

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Any uninsulated voids in the area might need some type of muffling material to be inserted between them to lessen noise resonation. If you think about a drum or wooden cajon, you are looking at a sound amplifying void surrounded by a resonating material; essentially what you may find inside ceiling and floor joists, or cavities in walls.

Soundproofing capabilities are enhanced if different densities and materials are employed, rather than installing only one type of material. This is because the different material densities react in different ways with different frequencies and will deliver a better resolution to your soundproofing project.

Any soundproofing company in Seaton will need to follow the the Building Regulations (Part E), if dealing with a residential property. These regulations have the purpose of protecting neighbours in the immediate area from the impact of noise pollution.

Trade associations in the soundproofing industry who offer training, qualifications and advice are the Association of Noise Consultants and the Institute of Acoustics. A credible soundproofing contractor in Seaton will have been vetted for the professionalism and quality of their work to have been accepted as a member of these organisations.

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Acoustic Door Seals

Acoustic door seals are an essential aspect of any soundproofing system within a building or structure. Their purpose is to diminish the amount of noise that travels through doorways, thereby enhancing the sound insulation of the space as a whole.

Acoustic door seals consist of a range of materials, including foam, weatherstrip and rubber. These materials are carefully selected for their ability to block and absorb sound waves, preventing them from passing through gaps and cracks in door frames. Some advanced acoustic door seals also include sound-deadening materials, like mass loaded vinyl, to further boost their sound-blocking properties.

The performance of an acoustic door seal is dependent on several elements, including its installation position, size and shape. To maximize sound insulation, it is imperative to utilize door seals that are tailored to the type of door and the room's intended use. For example, doors that access recording studios or lecture halls necessitate more advanced soundproofing methods than those leading to private offices.

Correct installation is also crucial for making certain that an acoustic door seal functions optimally. The door seal must be installed snugly against the door frame to prevent any gaps from forming, and it should be replaced periodically to maintain its sound-blocking properties.

In the end, acoustic door seals are a proven solution for enhancing the sound insulation of a space. Whether you're looking to reduce noise in a lecture hall, a private office or a recording studio, the right door seals can have a substantial effect on your soundproofing efforts.

Soundproofing Foam Seaton

I was fascinated to learn quite recently that a common search term typed into Google and Bing was "soundproofing foam", and local searches included things like "soundproofing foam Seaton" and "acoustical foam Seaton". That's really quite worrying, as it would suggest that Seaton homeowners are assuming that soundproofing foam products are suitable for fixing their noise problems.

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but soundproofing foam isn't really a resolution for most noise pollution issues, and is definitely not effective if you are aiming to block out the din from your noisy neighbours in Seaton.

The "egg box" style foam which you regularly see being sold in sheet or tile form is not really intended for blocking out noise, but is really designed for use in music studios and comparable environments, to reduce amplifying and echoing and improve the acoustic performance of a room. It is not good for preventing sound from moving around your house, or preventing noise from passing through the wall of a neighbouring building. Seeing as it's porous, soundproofing foam actually absorbs sound and allows sound to pass through, as opposed to blocking it.

Then again, if you are working on creating a music room, this foam product may be beneficial for you, and can be bought in different sheet sizes and various thicknesses (normally 25 millimetre and 50 millimetre). (Tags: Acoustical Foam Seaton, Soundproof Foam Seaton, Acoustic Foam Seaton, Soundproofing Foam Seaton).

Soundproof Curtains

To create a more peaceful and quieter environment indoors, acoustic, soundproof and noise-reducing curtains are all popular choices for mitigating unwanted external noise. These specialist curtains are an appealing option for those looking to improve their living or working spaces in Seaton by absorbing, dampening and blocking sound waves. Sound waves can be reflected and absorbed by the dense materials used to produce soundproofing curtains. Along with an inner core consisting of mass-loaded vinyl or foam, the layers of such curtains typically consist of heavy fabrics, such as suede, velvet, or several layers of woven fabric. These materials work together to minimise the transmission of noise from the outside, effectively reducing the sound that enters a room. (71493)

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Other Tradespeople in Seaton Devon: When your Seaton home or garden is in need of refurbishing or improvements, numerous different craftsmen could be required to finish the project, and despite the fact that your present search is for soundproofing in Seaton, Devon, you may also need the skills of a tiler in Seaton, an electrician in Seaton, a plumber in Seaton, gutter cleaning in Seaton, a bricklayer in Seaton, a flooring specialist in Seaton, a handyperson in Seaton, a decorator in Seaton, a plasterer in Seaton, building maintenance in Seaton, a window fitter in Seaton, a carpenter in Seaton, metalworkers in Seaton, rubbish removal in Seaton, SKIP HIRE in Seaton, and possibly others.

Seaton Soundproofing Tasks

Soundproofing Tasks Seaton

There are a number of different tasks that can be accomplished by your local Seaton soundproofer including domestic soundproofing services in Seaton, soundproofing windows, soundproofing for ceilings, party wall soundproofing, room soundproofing services, cellar soundproofing Seaton, noise control services Seaton, cheap soundproofing, acoustic mineral wool installations, studio soundproofing services, resilient bar systems, acoustic flooring, soundproofing surveys, dampen noise from upstairs in Seaton, under floor hanger systems Seaton, sash window soundproofing Seaton, ceiling soundproofing Seaton, soundproofing solutions Seaton, machinery & plant noise testing Seaton, acoustic panel installation, sound management services, soundproofing plasterboard, acoustic services, sound testing in Seaton, soundproof curtains, acoustic thermal installation, acoustic membranes, soundproofing services, soundproofing underlay, soundproofing supplies, concrete floor soundproofing in Seaton, soundproof noise from downstairs, soundproofing doors, and more. Listed are just a selection of the tasks that are undertaken by those installing soundproofing. Seaton providers will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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