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Soundproofer Penge Greater London (SE20): If you're worried by the amount of noise in your Penge property, be it in a home office, bedroom, studio or living room, you might want to look at installing some soundproofing. In some instances you may be looking at soundproofing so that you do not disturb others in the house from a family room, music room or home cinema. Either way, soundproofing is important for peace of mind.

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It is important for us to understand how sound is transmitted around an area before it is possible to find strategies to prevent it from happening.

Soundproofing Penge Greater London (SE20)

Sound can move in only two ways:

1. Through objects by the vibration of the material.

2. By the vibration of air molecules.

As dolphin and whale song demonstrates, sound also penetrates long distance through water, but unless your aim is to soundproof an aquarium or pool we will look only at the methods of soundproofing structures and rooms.


Sound can be transmitted into and out of a room through open ducting, gaps around doors, single glazed windows and even electrical sockets and light fittings. All noise and sound will create movement and vibration of the molecules in the air, and it is this that we hear and identify. All sounds are transferred through the air in this same manner; it doesn't matter if it's music, aircraft, nearby traffic, kids playing or heavy machinery that creates the sound.

Any openings in a room can be regarded as leaks and will have to be blocked.


If sound travels through the air by vibrations, then it makes sense that those vibrations can be absorbed by, reflected by or transferred to various materials. The walls, ceilings and floors will all affect how sound moves around an area, and may even transport those vibrations to other parts of a property. Care has to be taken with solid brick or concrete walls, such as a cellar or basement, because sound can be reflected and sometimes even amplified to other areas of your house.

How can we prevent these sounds and vibrations from having an adverse effect on other people? Soundproofing is the answer.


Consider covering a bare floor surface, which reflects and resonates sound, with a rug or carpet. These soft coverings will help soak up sounds and can also add a touch of elegance to an otherwise bare room. Wall coverings or window drapes can also be used to improve soundproofing and are easy to install.

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Search for areas in your room where sound can escape or come in; light fittings, sockets, door frames and windows, and seal the gaps. Sealing the gaps and holes with a special acoustic sealant that can be purchased in many DIY and building material shops, will make an enormous difference to how your room sounds. They may be a little more expensive than normal plaster or sealants, but they are worthwhile for their soundproofing efficiency.

For anybody renovating a property or redecorating a room, evaluate the soundproofing gains of adding another layer of soundboard or plasterboard, (also known as drywall, sheet rock or gyproc), while you're tackling the work. This is a dense type of board which is an economic and useful soundproofing material. It is perfect for spaces like studios, movie rooms or home offices that are being built within the home. If you do choose plasterboard to help with your soundproofing it is a good idea to employ a specialist fitter in Penge, to achieve the maximum benefit from its installment.

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Lastly you ought to check out all doors in the space you're planning to soundproof. Whilst hollow doors are lightweight and fairly affordable, their soundproofing attributes are not anything to write home about. Switching hollow doors for solid ones will noticeably boost the soundproofing of an area with only a little more cost.


Some homes, such as those on aircraft flight-paths or next to busy routes, naturally have more sound pollution issues and will need other ways to address the dilemma. You'll get the most effective soundproofing results by retaining the services of a professional soundproofing specialist.

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Be prepared to answer the following four questions during a survey of your particular soundproofing requirements:

  1. How large is the area that needs soundproofing?
  2. What are the specific noises that need to soundproofed? i.e. Is it sounds from within your house such as a teenagers bedroom or home cinema, or outside noises such as overflying aircraft, neighbours playing loud music, road noise, etc.
  3. Where is the principal source of noise emanating from? i.e. Overhead, through the ceiling, windows, doors, walls or floor, or a combination of everything.
  4. What is the space you wish to soundproof constructed from? (i.e. a plasterboarded partition wall, a brick wall or a fully lined concrete wall).

With honest answers to these queries a genuine soundproofing installer in Penge will provide you with solutions to suit your situation, and just as importantly, your allotted budget. There'll be distinct remedies for each of the key areas the space you wish to soundproof.


There are two areas that must be addressed to successfully soundproof any room or space:

  1. Sound absorption will have to be enhanced.
  2. Reduce the effects on the way sound is transmitted through and reflected by solid surfaces.

To accurately analyse the soundproofing areas that need to be improved, an on-site survey should be completed by a soundproofing expert.

The specialists will figure out ways to add materials with different masses and densities to enhance the sound quality of the area. Soundproofing will be boosted by the addition of acoustic rubber and foam which absorbs excess noise and enhances and the sound quality of a room.

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Voids between joists might require insulating to eliminate resonation gaps between them. Floor and ceiling voids and wall cavities can all be assimilated with a drum, where the space inside acts like an amplification source for unwelcome noise.

Soundproofing is improved if different densities and materials are used, as opposed to installing a single kind of material. The diverse materials will reduce different frequencies of sound and deliver a more balanced auditory experience and feeling to a room.

Any soundproofing specialist in Penge must comply with the Part E of the Building Regulations, if your property is residential in nature. This set of regulations is a legally binding requirement to protect your neighbours and yourself from the negative effects of sound pollution in an area where folks work and live.

Trade bodies in the soundproofing sector who provide guidance, qualifications and training are the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). A credible soundproofing contractor in Penge will have been checked for the professionalism and quality of their workmanship to have been accepted as a member of these associations.

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Acoustic Door Seals

Acoustic door seals are an important aspect of any soundproofing system within a structure or building. Their purpose is to diminish the amount of noise that travels through doorways, thereby enhancing the sound insulation of the area as a whole.

The materials used in the manufacture of acoustic door seals are selected for their ability to block and absorb sound waves. This includes foam, weatherstripping and rubber, all of which are used to prevent sound from escaping through doorframe gaps and cracks. Some acoustic door seals also include sound-deadening materials, like mass loaded vinyl, which amplifies their sound blocking properties and enhances the overall soundproofing of a space.

The efficiency of an acoustic door seal in blocking noise is determined by various elements like its installation position, shape and size. For the best possible sound insulation, it's essential to pick door seals that are made to fit the style of door and the room's intended use. Doors that lead to recording studios or lecture halls, for instance, require more sophisticated soundproofing solutions than those that lead to a private office.

To ensure optimal performance, proper installation of the acoustic door seal is crucial. The door seal must be securely fitted against the doorframe to prevent the formation of any gaps, and regular replacement is necessary to maintain its soundproofing capabilities.

To summarize, acoustic door seals are a crucial component of soundproofing systems in buildings and homes. The right door seals can make a significant difference in reducing noise, regardless of whether the space is an office, a home cinema or a lecture hall.

AMW (Acoustic Mineral Wool)

Having various different applications for your noise reduction requirements, AMW (otherwise known as acoustic mineral wool) is one of the handiest materials on the market for the soundproofing of houses in Penge. Acoustic mineral wool is designed specifically for installation in the cavity spaces of floors, ceilings and walls, to absorb airborne sound, enhance acoustic performance and reduce reverberations.

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Offered in "slabs" of 1200mm x 600mm and 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses, AMW is readily available from soundproofing suppliers. Chemically inert and non-combustible, acoustic mineral wool is frequently made of recycled raw materials (around 20%). It won't encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria, nor does it have a reaction with any materials or substances that it comes into contact with (i.e. masonry, brickwork, metal wall ties or plastics).

When used as a sound absorption filler between stud partitioning, flooring joists and suspended ceilings, acoustic mineral wool is particularly effective, and it's widely recognised in the construction industry for its thermal, acoustic and fire insulation qualities. When used alongside other acoustic solutions, acoustic mineral wool can help in observing The Building Regulations (Part E) in relation to separating floors and walls.

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There is a range of work that can be carried out by your local Penge soundproofer including soundproofing plasterboard installation, isonic hanger soundproofing, sound insulation, soundproofing gyms Penge, noise cancellation in Penge, soundproofing in Penge, acoustic mineral wool installation, sound management in Penge, soundproofing surveys, party wall soundproofing, soundproofing walls from noisy neighbours, concrete floor soundproofing Penge, cheap soundproofing, echo reduction, soundproofing floors Penge, soundboard installations, soundproofing underlay, soundproofing doors Penge, soundproofing home cinema rooms, soundproofing advice, soundproofing supplies, noisy neighbour soundproofing, home soundproofing Penge, resilient bar systems, soundproofing solutions, soundproofing windows in Penge, acoustic solutions Penge, sash window soundproofing Penge, acoustic flooring, sound insulation testing, noise control services, soundproofing consultations, and lots more. Listed are just a handful of the duties that are undertaken by tradesmen fitting soundproofing. Penge companies will be happy to inform you of their entire range of services.

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